Staycation Barbados

Client: Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association
Project: Staycation Barbados
Duration: 2009-2012

The Barbados Hotel & Tourism Association is a non-profit trade association, with a membership of over 300 tourism and tourism-related entities. They work towards the sustainable growth and development of the Barbadian tourism product, helping Barbados to maintain its status as a world-class destination. In 2009 the BHTA approached Ethnic Vision with a name and a challenge. The name – Staycation Barbados; the challenge – to develop an initiative to boost domestic tourism and build a programme which helped to bridge the gap of declining tourist arrivals to the island.

The Solution

Ethnic Vision designed a programme which harnessed the culture of the Barbadian consumer to travel for vacations and refocused their attention on the amazing possibilities right in their “backyard”. The in-depth brand-strategy that Ethnic Vision developed involved the creation of a visual identity and communication style development for the new Staycation Barbados brand. The programme involved the creation of a website and social media presence, a TV and WebTV series and featurettes, various live promotions, and the development and design of additional communications pieces. The programme exposed Barbadians and Caribbean nationals to the amazing tourism product in Barbados and illustrated the experience through the eyes and escapades of two friends armed with camcorders who would take viewers on various escapades. The Elements:

  • Programme design and promotional planning
  • Television Production and media management.
  • Website development and management
  • Content distribution and stakeholder engagement

The Result

The results of Staycation Barbados were valuable from both a financial and social perspective. The programme significantly reduced the distrust that locals felt, particularly for the hotel sector and changed cultural perceptions about the tourism industry. It gave locals the opportunity to experience the remarkable island that tourists fell in love with and as a result happy consumers were able to inspire others. They offered their personal experiences and engaged with the brand and each other about exciting preferences. The programme also helped businesses weather the tough economic situation by generating over 600 room nights in its first year and over 7,929 room nights in year 2.