Selwyn Cambridge

Managing Director

When I started Ethnic Vision Inc I fundamentally believed that our region’s rich and diverse culture provided some of the most solid building blocks for formulating engaging brand stories and branded experiences — I still do.

Now I dedicate my entire working life to helping companies use their cultural assets to strengthen business strategies with engaging and responsive brand strategies.

Running Ethnic Vision Inc for more than 13 years have provided me with the opportunity to work with a very varied client base and a mixture of regional and international companies.  Each encounter with these multiple brands is different but all have been rewarding and learning experiences.  Experiences, which have shown me that Clarity of Vision and understanding of culture, determine quality of success and extent of influence. It is this knowledge and my wide-ranging experiences that I take with me to every new client portfolio.

As a leader I believe that my role is to create new leaders and not produce more followers. This is in part why I am also dedicated to entrepreneurship and helping aspiring business owners build better companies capable of becoming leaders in their markets.

If you wish to contact me, feel free to send me an email at