London Engage

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Client: Caribbean Export
Year: 2012

The Challenge

To develop a branded concept which made use of the London Olympic Games to drive Caribbean Business and build a launch pad for making use of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) which the region signed with the European Union and has never really been taken up.

The client saw the staging of the 2012 Olympic Games in London as a potential opportunity to build awareness for Caribbean businesses and create a vehicle to strengthen the use of the EPA.

Caribbean Export contracted Ethnic Vision to develop a comprehensive branded framework to leverage the opportunities of the Olympics and design engagement activities that would provide a platform to showcase Caribbean business opportunities in the midsts of all the Olympic fever.

Ethnic Vision’s Solution

The Ethnic Vision team designed the concept London Engage.  This was a fully integrated framework which was hinged on building and showcasing “Brand Caribbean”.  London Engage was a series of focused activities and events which highlighted the cultural uniqueness of the Caribbean Brand through its cuisine, fashion, architecture, music and sport. All the elements were then connected to an investment core which served to promote the Caribbean region as an emerging market and leverage sport as the catalyst for growth.

The activities were staged over a three-day period in the heat of the Olympics and were targeted at UK and European business executives and the media.

The Result

By bringing business executives, investors and media together during the Olympics through well designed events, the London Engage solution was able to leverage the attention Caribbean athletes were generating on the field and illustrate the untapped opportunities for investment and growth in a region driven by a dynamic culture and superior talent. A specially conceptualize documentary on the region’s sporting prowess helped to drive the interest around sport as a catalyst for economic growth.  The multi-island fashion show illustrated the vibrance of the culture and special business pitch sessions connected ideas with funding sources. The Caribbean business community was able to attract the attention of BBC, Bloomberg, Russia Today and other major networks, giving unprecedented coverage to the business potential in the region.