Designs on Success

Client: Caribbean Export
Project: Magazine development and production
Duration: 2011

Design Caribbean, organised by Caribbean Export, gives Caribbean designers and manufacturers the opportunity to display and sell their goods and connects them with investors and distributors worldwide. In 2011, Design Caribbean was held in the Dominican Republic.

Caribbean Export contracted Ethnic Vision to develop a magazine connected with the event. Ethnic Vision’s solution was to develop an image-focused magazine that captured the personal stories of key participants and shared their journeys as entrepreneurs along with their experience at Design Caribbean and the results of having participated. The magazine content was developed to portray the lifestyles and experiences of the entrepreneurs. The copy was informal, creative and story-based to entertain readers while the design was engaging, friendly and colourful to attract and keep readers’ attention.

The Elements

  • Content planning and direction
  • Drafting and conducting interviews / discussions.
  • Magazine development and production – determining and executing a design strategy to create an educational but entertaining, contemporary publication.
  • Filming and producing an educational but entertaining culturally Caribbean documentary.

The Result

Designs on Success received good reviews from the general public, entrepreneurs and the client. Both the magazine and documentary attracted a wide cross-section of readers and viewers respectively.

 “I was surprised that it was completed so fast. I thought the quality was excellent from cover to cover! I thought [our] article was excellent. It hit the spot. This is what is necessary for what is happening in the Caribbean in this sector and I think it is an instrument that is part of the whole orchestra of getting the message out. I look forward to more issues of it. The writing was excellent and I thought the magazine was outstanding. Avark is very pleased.”

                                                                                                                                    – Avark (Featured business)