Client: Caribbean Export Development Agency
Year: 2012

The Challenge
To develop an initiative which allows the agency to better engage with regional enterprises to have them make use of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) signed between CARICOM and the European Union.

The client was frustrated with past attempts of realizing the inherent benefits of the EPA for regional enterprises and was eager to find a better way to engage Caribbean entrepreneurs looking to drive exports.

Caribbean Export contracted Ethnic Vision to develop a comprehensive framework to revamp the way the agency sought to help Caribbean enterprises and ensure any help made better use of the EPA.

Ethnic Vision’s Solution
The Ethnic Vision Inc team designed the programme “Break Point”.  This was a fully hands-on approach built on a framework of investment preparedness.  Embracing the concept of reality type shows, the team at Ethnic Vision Inc designed a programme which was broken down into four stages.

1: Pitch
Allowing companies to make video pitches via youtube on their business idea or enterprise

2: Train
The best ideas and companies are put through a training programme to prepare them to pitch their final ideas and companies to a selection panel of established regional business executives

 3: Select
The individuals pitching receive useful feedback from the business executives and the best are narrowed down to be exposed to international investors situated in countries who are signatories to the EPA.

 4: Expose
Exposure for these companies come in the form of direct pitches to venture capitalists, angel investors and distributors. The entire process is filmed in the form of a reality type show and aired across the Caribbean providing further exposure for the companies.

Services Provided
Programme Design, Branding Strategy, Project Management, Strategic Communications, Media Management.

The Result
The new approach attracted the attention and interest of other international agencies, which joined with Caribbean Export to execute the programme. Businesses who participated in the porgramme indicated a marked improvement in how they viewed their companies and expressed great satisfaction in the kind of top-level exposure they were able to gain from their participation.

The initiative attracted the interest and participation of major business executives and investors out of the United Kingdom and the United States of America and Caribbean Export is now able to totally rework how they engage regional enterprises to provide meaningful assistance.